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This website is all about rock and roll music, a rock and roll life, artistic freedom, dreams and infinite possibilities. It features new classic style rock and roll music, a bit of reggae and a few admittedly outrageous songs in free MP3 streaming audio format, true life stories, and original creative writing. The music is melodic and memorable, and it often reflects a sense of humor born and baked in New York City and then deep fried in California.

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Rock and roll in MP3 streaming audio

The next level of web pages includes the Song Index where all songs have been categorized; the CD's entitled Ego Trips and Other Vacations, A Hard Day at The Orifice, The Wetter the Better, and Crossfire, Phase 1; and Inside The Crossfire, the magic door to a rock and roll life that got opened in 1994. These six pages lead to deeper page levels containing original music and creative writing. Each song has its own page. You can contact Starcrost by clicking on this.

Here are direct links to four of the deeper level web pages that contain
true life stories, plus fascinating and entertaining reading:

Professor Albert Einstein - My Family's Savior

The Interview with Peter Cross

The Peter Cross Biography

The Swami and Me

Here's a happy true story that's been 12 years in the making:
Peter Crossing the River Styx in the Opposite Direction

The happy story could also be titled Living Well is the Best Revenge

Here's the original screenplay for the one and only rock and roll courtroom drama:
"In Pro Per"

In which Peter Cross sues the State of California for one billion dollars
in US Federal Court for violation of his Constitutional right
to protection against cruel and unusual punishment:

The immortal soul of rock and roll
Peter is the singer standing up at the mic on the left

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