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What’s Trending in Web Design for 2016

Web DesignWith each passing year come new likes and dislikes to the fastidious online customer pool. In order to keep an online fan base actively engaged and paying up that valuable attention, online marketers need to constantly be seeking to follow these trends, updating and refining their marketing campaigns accordingly.
As 2015 came to a close there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that the best marketing practices for 2016 were going to be tightly wrapped around mobile marketing and producing plenty of quality video content.
Keeping these two important trends in mind, following are some trends that are expected to rise in popularity as the year progresses, if they are not in full swing already.
1. Use Fresh, Engaging Imagery
It is no new thing that bright and attractive imagery has been an essential factor for online success since advent of the Internet. The digital scene is replete with every picture depicting everything you could possibly imagine, so how will the online merchant provide a fresh display for their clients.
Steer clear of the stock photo option, they have a highly artificial look to them and today’s client are looking for intimate, real and deeply personalized. Even if that means online merchants begin taking their own photos.
Authenticity in web design will trump those smiley modern professionals we see displayed in cheesy stock images. A picture says a thousand words ask yourself what the images you are posting say about you.

2. Forget all the “Fudgy-Additives”
Some merchants have a personal bias to this ornate borders and lavish footers and headers. Although this certainly adds a style bonus (if done correctly), too much of this chrome can detract from the clarity of the message you are trying to convey on your website.
Websites should convey professionalism, intimacy and service to their customers. This means that the best practices will include streamlined websites only featuring what the client needs to see to find a solution to their needs, wants and desires.

3. Single Screen Layouts

In accordance with a streamlined approach to web design, single big screen layouts are a great way to present your clear and concise web page. Even on mobile devices the large sprawling pictures can give the user a feeling of being in a theater.

Then apply some scowling features that are used to navigate the site, like flipping through a magazine.

This also has the added advantage of being able to present dynamic close up shots of products, services, expected results, special effects or to illustrate textures quality and more. This is a statement about the clarity of your business, which always helps to build rapport.

4. Videos, Videos and if you Can More Videos
Video content is set to rule in 2016, this means that web design should find every way possible to use your quality video content to enhance your web page as well. If you were to combine this with the previous idea, what a great combination!

A large video background to your web design can be used to take your visitors on an informational and interactive tour of your services, products or whatever options you are proffering.

In Conclusion

It will be of primary importance to focus on the user experience through your long island website design in 2016 more than ever. Fortunately there are more ways than ever to keep tabs on exactly what our valued clients are looking for. Knowing what your customers are looking for is the first step.